Pre Cruise clean up aisle 6  

Pre Cruise clean up aisle 7  

Pre Cruise clean up aisle 8  

Early start on the cruise  

Almost twins. One a restomod.  

Immaculate Chevy  

Definitely an acquired taste  

Kirk and David car watching on the avenue  

Mad Max replica  

Not sure who is driving  

455 Catalina with three rednecks  

Window sticker reads "This car cancels out 10 Prius' "  

Ferrari, what?  

Guy's version of shopping  

Proof of attendance  

Break time in some shade  

C6 R in the GM tent  

COPO Camaro Prototype  

2012 Indy 500 ZR1 Official Pace Car  

Satisfying journey home  

Picture is worth a thousand words. Pot of Gold perhaps?