Shaking things out for the start of the trip  

Jeff's Grey Ghost  

Gilles' C8  

David's C7  

Tony's C6 GS. Must be saving wear and tear on the C7 Z06 rims. I'll soon have some extras if you're interested  

Thorrrr of course  

Pre-flight brief  

An Italian themed lunch stop  

Gilligan's remained mostly intact, however, now only one size of prime rib vice previous regular, queen and king size cut  

Some of the newbies get introduced to Gilligan's  


C7R #4. Lot quieter here than on the track let me tell you  



C5R #53  

C5R #53  

C5R #50  

C5R #3  


C5R #63  

2023 70th anniversary edition C8 in carbon flash metallic  

C8 cutaway shots  

Silver Flare Metallic C8 Z06 with low wing and contrasting adrenalin red dipped interior. Does get the juices flowin'  

Heart of the new beast, flat plane crank LT6, good to 8600rpm  

Red mist metallic Z06 with Z07 package  

70th anniversary Z06 with Z07 package in carbon flash metallic  

70th anniversary C8 in white pearl metallic tri coat  

70th anniversary Z06 with Z07 package  


Nice C2  

An over the top C8R Edition convertible with lots of additional bling  

Pirelli Scorpion tires I believe  

Another fully blinged C8 convertible  

A C7 ZR1 dressed up a bit  

Corvettes a la carte  

A few vanity plates  

I think that I'd rather live happy. Maybe that was already taken  

A blinged up, nitrous, Z06, with some ZR1 additives, White Dragon. Definitely attention getting  

Same nitrous Z06, White Dragon  

Z06 White Dragon (cont). Not sure what the roof mod does, can't be a real intake-for what?  

ZIP was in their usual spot  

More vettes  

David always on the look out for that 2007 Indy Pace Car edition  

Canadian contingent  

There is always something there for everyone  

Lots of bling on this Z06 but I think the manny's fish net stockings got the photographer's attention  

Just sayin' Waaay lots going on with this ZR1  

The C8TRON. Would be neat to see at night  

After a warm one, time for a cold one  

Can you detect the missing brain cells....  

She was a warm one, not unusual and we didn't get the shade trees. Note to self, arrive later  

There are some old, begging for attention vettes. This 57 was rough, $29,500 US firm and $4000 US extra for the hard top  

57 sticker $29500 firm, $4000 extra for the top  

This 65 was rough however it still sold for $43000  

Not so complete 65 modified asking $24500  

Fire damaged 65, for sale $12500 US and until next year.....