Checking in at Best Value Inn and Suites Parry Sound after an awesome ride on 518 from Huntsville  

Grab another club member, research some Ontario motorcycle routes (they like the same roads) and voila, Road Trip  

Cruise Ship in Parry Sound. Viking Cruises does Milwaukee, Mackinac, Parry Sound, Killarney, Frazer Bay, Thunder Bay. Very pricey though at $8395 per person for 8 days  

Bobby Orr museum in Parry Sound  

"The Goal", 1970, 40 seconds into overtime, Boston wins the cup  

Stevie and Leah showing some form  

Pudly showing better form  

Couple of superstars in the parking lot  

Parry Sound waterfront. Orillia could take some lessons from Parry Sound for vehicle parking for visiting tourists  

Launch tender from the cruise ship docking in Parry Sound  

Parry Sound harbour restaurant, also called The Tailwinds, complete with moose  

Visiting Parry Sound Lookout  

Parry Sound harbour  

Now at the Big Chute marine railway on the Trent Severn waterway. Getting there on White's Falls road/34, another awesome motorcycle loop  

Almost like the tour guide arranged it, watching a 65 footer (someone has too much money) go up the marine railway. Quite the sight. Leah watch out for the traffic gate  

Lower end of the marine railway  

Some nice roads from the Big Chute, thru Coldwater, under Hwy 11 and then over to Wasaga Beach  

I looked skinnier at Wasaga Beach than I did at the end of the trip in Huntsville. The camera can do Funny things  

Flesherton community pond beach. Gas at the shell, one minute to the picnic area, eat, drink, smoke em if ya got em, swim if you like, fish if you like and coin car wash right across the highway. Awesome stop. Only thing missing was a craft brewery. Almost like the guide knew what he was doing  

Checked in at the Lakeview Motel in Kincardine. The girls heading out for a quick rip. Oh no did I just say that?  

Clean up time, right outside our three bedroom cottage, free upgrade  

The girls make it back. Thank ya Jesus. First trip for Leah in our C7 and it does have more room and air conditioning  

Poolside at the Lakeview. There is a pool story but you will have to get it from other than myself and I don't think that anyone is talking  

The cottage backyard complete with patio, BBQ and resident BBQ master, although I'm not sure that Leah got the memo about master  

Saves on the restaurant visits  

Warming up for an awesome sunset on Lake Huron complete with gale force winds  

Surf's up baby  

Did I say awesome, complete with crashing waves  

Contemplating life solo  

Contemplating life partnered up with the short Mexican, better n'est pas?  

Captured the cars in some changing light with night mode  

Gotta luv the reflections  

Sparky explaining the rules of euchre, not  

Surfin' on Lake Huron, advantages; closer than Hawaii and no sharks  

Our cottage living room, not bad  

Now at Point Clark lighthouse, south of Kincardine. Still windy  

Butterfly wings, not angel wings  

Point Clark and surf's still up baby  

Parking lot at Port Elgin. Lady in her golden years came up, said that her husband just passed away and before he left he told her that he would be nearby every time that she saw a red corvette. She touched our car, thanked us, left and we all had a moment. I am not kidding. Just hope that she gets to see this  

Beach front at Port Elgin. Orillia, note no charge parking for visitors, isn't that special  

Still windy....  

Huntsville, Rodeway Inn. We avoided Hwy 11 westbound. We should have done the same eastbound  

Clean up AND you never know who you are going to meet. Met a German couple who liked their cars (currently own a 2013 Viper GT and a 2022 Mercedes AMG GT R), Metallica and North American RVing.  

Lion's lookout Huntsville. You can drive to the top. Missed the last tourist train around the bottom of the hill but looked like a worthwhile attraction and only $5.95 for us geezers  

Fairy Lake  

Sparky the car  

Sparky the car and now the lady  

Guess who's better lookin'? Correct answer is not the car  

Wimpy's for the last supper, although I had peameal bacon, eggs benedict just because. Cracked rim for the C7 next day. Midas across the road just rude for a visitor and useless. Edmonds Chevrolet great trouble shooting, advice and Carbon 65 hat and we made it home. Done with GM Z06 wheels  

1495 kms round trip. C7 gets better gas mileage than a 76 C3 don't cha know, but the C3 can get more looks in Inferno Orange and doesn't crack rims. New tires and wheels this year. I am not buying any lottery tickets. Bring on the new C7 ZR1 reproduction wheels. That is all