I guess that this guy heard that Joanne and I might have blueberries  

Yes it is a Z06  

Nope, it's not the 2023 Z06. Back to the berries  

David and Shirley, Rick, John and Margo  

Paul and Joanne, Charlie  

Stevie and Leah, Bill and Barb. Thanks to everyone for supporting the Merrickville comeback  

Gotta luv the portable bar  

Bill and Heather arrive and someone later wants to buy their vette  

We had some shade from the trees (and unfortunately a little sap also) but every additional bit of shade helps at 33 degrees C. Thanks David  

Apparently Kirk the lime green shirt was for you  

Johnny's got all that underhood bling now on display  

Charlie's got a little additional vertical bling underneath the Grand Sport emblem  

There was a little shade. Thanks Doug Stroud for the reserved location  

There was a pretty nice bunch of highly optioned/modded Mustangs  

454. Need I say more  

Really nice 3100 with an LS three transplant  

Highly modded "Batmobile"  

Slammed for sure  

I am guessing about a 65 Westfalia  

32 Ford  

Mercury Lead Sled looked mighty fine  

Alan Jackson, "Just an ole Merc"  

Valley Vettes at the redone Merrickville Car Show  

Avanti II. You have to look up the history or ask David  

Not sure whether I have ever seen an Amphicar driving  

Now all set up, note the 82 Collector Edition in behind  

"Shaggin' wagon". Did I say that?  

Crazy little Maverick, 585 hp worth  

Don't see too many of the Black Rose Metallic  

2010 Viper ACR with 20,000 kms on it, so it does get driven  

Lotta car here, literally  

The re-done interior surely did pop  

"God will judge our enemies. We will arrange the meeting", so it says  

One owner, 78, twenty fifth anniversary edition with only 66,900 kms