Roger homemade the pasta and potato salads, ummm good  

And so it begins  

First stop Saint Jean Port Joli Motel Blanche, great motel at a great price  

The rooms were nicely laid out  

The balcony was our party central  

Driftwood art near the waterfront Port Joli  

Someone must have rung the dinner bell  

La Marina Resto Bar  

Port Joli sunset  

One advantage of the C7 vs the C8, luggage space for a road trip  

Back on the road on the 20  

Now in formation on the Gaspe  

Yup, you need a little east coast weather  

Now at the Hotel Baker in Gaspe  

Walkabout at the Gaspe waterfront  

Christ the King Cathedral Gaspe, unique all cedar construction inside and out  

We never saw this on our other East Coast trips. Finally Perce Rock from a long way off, not in the fog. Yay  

Approaching Perce Rock  

Some nice corners  

We finally get to see the Rock, Perce the one with the hole, not Newfoundland the one with more moose than people  

Parked at Perce, no fog  

Rick clam diggin'?  

The tourists taking pictures of rocks, gannets, whales and themselves on the pier  

There is a minke whale in the distance, honest  

Nice pose  

Gilligan's Island remake, just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, from the inmates on the SS Minnow  

Main street, Perce  

The only Puffy sighting, sorry honey  

Lunch stop apres Gaspe. Excellent lobster rolls  

Entering New Brunswick  

Driver pow wow.  

Now at Danny's Inn, Beresford NB  

Awesome Motel, great grounds, amenities, service and people. Highly recommended  

Sparky did help at the car wash  

At rest at Danny's Inn  

Chatting up the day's activities  

Some east Coast hospitality served up by Danny's Inn  

From left, at rear, the cook, the cook's son held by Catherine, followed by Catherine's husband Roger. The BEST  

After supper, chillaxin' by the pool complete with a firepit  

Now on our extended stay due to rear tire issues, sampling the hiking found right across the road on the ATV/Sled trails  

Contemplating our letter to Michelin Tires at poolside  

Now at the gym wearing off a few ounces  

You saw it here first  

Shuffleboard anyone?  

Obviously there are worse places to get stuck waiting for our new Continental Extreme Contact Sport's, note to Michelin to follow, 15,000 kms is not performance  

Catherine and Roger lent us their car to explore the beach. Note, I said the beach. I looked up and said pretty big ears on that horse coming up the road. Someone tell the moose that the beach is not moose country. A sign from the tire Gods perhaps  

Beresford beach and sand dune area. Would be pretty nice when the water warms up a bit  

Some wild rose to brighten the day  

We purchased two, 2lb each markets, from the local fish market and Catherine and Roger provided the rest for a poolside lobster fest for two. We didn't need any extra butter dare I say  

The root of all evil, Michelin Pilot Super Sports, properly maintained, not abused and cord showing at 15,000 kms. What's wrong with this picture?  

Roger, feeling at home  

Roger looking and feeling more at home. Catherine organized tire replacement in 24 hrs (how do you say miracle) and both her and Roger looked after us like family. We now pronounce you Valley Vettes honourary members for life, first ever. Good for vette rides from the club for life. Heartfelt thanks from our valley vette family to yours and may that smile always be on your face  

Saint Quentin NB St Jean Baptiste day. Heading towards Edmunston for the formation rejoin  

Nancy there were lupins, you just had to look  

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception downtown Edmunston  

Arrival at the Four Points Sheraton downtown Edmunston  

First for me, dog wash in the car wash. Hopefully they dial down the pressure, otherwise not sure what comes out at the other end. Gizmo might not stand a chance  

Workin' at the car wash, keep those rags and machines hummin'  

All bays named after fish  

The gang's all back together again in Edmunston, thanks to Catherine, Roger, Tire 101 Nigadoo (Bruno/Jean/Marc) and Continental tires  

Supper at the 4 Points, Frank's bar and grill  

Downtown walkabout Edmunston  

Madawaska River Edmunston, almost like being at home  

On the road again, reentering Quebec  

Formation in the St John River valley  

Pedestrian Mall downtown Trois Rivieres  

Prize winning staircase connecting Trois Rivieres historic district to the St Lawrence  

"If you don't eat your meat you're going to look like this" (punchline from a Finnigan joke)  

Italian greyhound first in breed at a local dog show. I guess that you could say the trip was really going to the dogs  

Supper at Mike's across the street. Excellent pizza  

Had to get off the 40 to avoid a crazy person with a vehicle, cell phone and look mom no hands on the wheel  

Finally Kelsey's in Kanata  

Last lunch  

Pretty good gas mileage for 690 hp  

The Michelin Pilot Super Sport abbreviated mileage. For Summerside participants probably add another 650-700 kms. Thanks to the organizers and the company.  

Post script. I suspect that this was the look on Kirk's face when he found himself mistakenly on the 73 Nord, bridge to Quebec city, on the outbound leg of our trip. Bet Lynda could have knocked his eyes off with a stick