Teschner's and Jefferies' PPD manoeuvre to the Invasion, on Hwy 41, to avoid severe weather, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it  

Note to Stevie, although it looks nice, not a view of your car we would normally see, tongue in cheek  

ACS Composite display Z06 with ZR1 hood, ZR1 like front splitter and 5 VM type winglets on rockers next to our Z06. Certainly adds some presence. Very tempting Joseph  

John and Heather's "other vette" at the Courtyard Marriott  

Some parking lot shots at the Courtyard Marriott  

Closer in shot on the ZR1 splitter and 5VM rocker winglets on the ACS Z06  

ACS 5VM rocker winglets  

Different wrap  

Compare the Torch Red and Red Mist Metallic on the C8. Other half prefers Torch Red, me still on the fence  

Certainly neat to observe the engine directly on the C8 mid engine configuration  

The only Carbon 65 that I saw in attendance. Some rarity assured  

Chrome wheels still have an attraction, particularly when the car is rolling at slower speeds  

John and Margo's GSCE, the only one that I saw this weekend. Again some rarity assured  

Tommy and Shannon at the Courtyard for registration  

Thorrrr at the Courtyard for registration  

A really sharp 59  

Did I say that I really that Orange, Steve?  

Some shots of a sharply dressed (carbon fibre bits galore) C8.R edition  

The movies were right next door. Probably the first time since courtin' days  

The answer to the last picture. "I feel the need, the need for speed". From a former military pilot, the flying scenes were awesome, with only a couple of "those were photoshopped"  

Sharp '67  

Nice matte black wrap  

This dedicated family went far beyond for a replica C8.R. Very sharp  

Owner said only four 4LT Calloway's like this worldwide and the only one in Canada. Owner is definitely a "car nut" and fun to talk to  

Another nice Red Mist Metallic. Still on the Torch Red fence  

Fairly rare, Lime Rock Green Metallic, for 2014 exclusively  

A well preserved 2010 ZR1, holding or increasing in value as it sits  

Some nice carbon fibre bits at the rear  

George and Sylvie's rare Black Rose Metallic  

How the other half lived, over at that other motel  

We get together for the short cruise to the Kingston city hall  

C8.R Edition + many additional carbon fibre bits  

C8.R Edition ++ many bits  

ZR1, Sebring Orange Design package and when you see the plate most likely owned by a pilot from Toronto, YYZ Pearson identifier  

"YYZ" Toronto Pearson airport Identifier  

Modded C6 ZR1 with LSX supercharger  

We met this fella at the 2018 Invasion and he loves to drag  

Corvette parking only at the Kingston City Hall. Impressive  

Even with the Frunk we would have been luggage restricted on the next leg of our trip over the C7 trunk space  

Stevie and Leah enjoying the downtown sites  

Sparky and Pudly downtown, avec shorts that look similar in length to her peddle-pushers er capris  

Margo and John, getting close to their anniversary  

Corvette parking only behind city hall as well  

An immaculate 454 C3  

The only 1996 C4 Grand Sport Edition that I saw  

The only 1998 C5 Pace Car Edition that I observed. Well looked after  

The Mayor of Kingston, with John, the Town Cryer and the pipers/drummers  

View of the old Alma Mater, RMC  

2019 C7 ZR1, destined for collector car status even as we speak  

John with a sharp '67 (I believe)  


Jeff and Nancy at the Invasion II with the new C7 Grand Sport  

Stevie with his C3  

Charlie, Nancy and Jeff snuggled between Charlie's C6 and Jeff's C7  

John and Heather's second C8, now in Torch Red  

KIDSLEFT, gotta love it  

Dianne's Fishshack and Smokehouse  

John has been adding the bling  

Withdrawal from downtown  

A Torch Red moment back at the Courtyard Marriott  

Euchre tourney moment back at the Courtyard however I cannot remember who won  

Saturday's gathering at St Lawrence College in preparation for the cruises  

The closest that I have ever seen to our Z06, different year and black vice adrenaline red interior  

Joseph and Raymond hard at work installing at the ACS trailer  

Start of our 1.5 hr cruise. Well organized  

Corvette traffic jam. The only one that I can handle  

Lunch at St Lawrence College  

The supper set up with a special guest undercover  

Saturday GM presentation  

The heart of the new beast  


After the request, Ron Fellows signed his C8.R Edition  

Some of the additional carbon fibre bits on this C8.R Edition  

The unveiling  

Commemorative picture for the event  

With the carbon fibre level two option  

The VIN ending in EX unfortunately says it all, eventually destined for the crusher. Please sir I will never try and put a plate on it....  

With some of GM Executives in behind  

The Band rockin'  

The carbon fibre wheels really do look awesome, maybe less so when we get the option price list, just speculating  

Will she or won't she..... initiate or support any purchase? Only time will tell  

And thatttt's all folks. Thanks again to all the hard work and perseverance of John and Heather!!!!!