Kevin, Greg and Earl staging at the caboose in Renfrew  

Catching up at staging  

Paul, Dave, Rick, Mac and Tony made it  

John and Bill are here  

The blue in the Ceramic Matrix Gray can sure show up in the sun  

Jeff's new Gray Ghost  

Thorrrr did all the organizing  

Gilles, don't forget to stay on time  

The first answer in Douglas  

Next answer in Eganville  

Not the road to Al Capone's hideout near Quadville, but close  

Only the second time for the vette in a cemetery  

There were two wooden chutes. This was #2  

#1 wooden chute  

James' 64, awesome  

The 64 with original, very rare Kelsey Hayes knock-off wheels  

Wild Thing did come out to play on the grass at least  

Bob and Judy heard that there was a BBQ also  

Looks quiet just sitting here however.....  

That sure looks like a Ron Fellows, Spring Mountain water bottle  

Yup, it is. Didn't know that you could get it in red. Must have run out when I was there  

Excellent turnout  

The gang's all here  

Joanne officially meeting Greg and Karen, see you at the wedding  

Bill always seems to volunteer for actual BBQing. He is good at it  

Jeff looking after the ribs and weiners, well done  

The 327 heart of the matter  

Surprise, guess who has really embraced the Jack Benny club, 39 for those who aren't there yet  

Unfortunately the cake gives it all away.  

Charlie was also able to make it for the food. Good time was had by all, thanks for coming out and big shoutout to the old guy, er birthday boy, for doing all the planning