Valley Vettes invited to Tony and Connie's for a club BBQ. Start of another tradition perhaps......  

Bill and Barb led some of the cars from their place to the BBQ via a short cruise. Beside their C5 are Earle and Linda's C6 and John and Margo's GSCE C7  

Next visitors, Rick and Nancy's C7 Z06, new member Robert's C4 and Rick and Mary's C6  

Beside Rick and Mary's C6, new member Collin's C5 followed by Dave and Mary's C7  

New club member, Robert, was able to join us with his 88 C4  

Another new club member, Collin, was also able to join up with his 2004 C5 convertible  

Charlie was there with his C6 convertible  

Tommy and Shannon made it with their C7  

David and Shirley's C8, now back to being the only C8 in the club. Gilles, I hear that there is a story there.....  

Pud and Sparky's C7 Z06  

Jeff and Nancy's C3, patience grasshoppers, the next chapter is coming, with air conditioning  

The backyard oasis  

I was unable to find Kirk, AKA, "Squirrely" in any of the pictures. He must have been out squirrel hunting, a BBQ was planned after all...the story lives on  

That's John in his orange Max Verstappen shirt  

Bill with the thumb's up, David with the wave and Gilles with...never did get that story  

Sparky, Leah and Stevie sharing the local gossip, vettes, trucks, fishin' and of course family  

I think that Rick and Tony were sharing landscaping tips  

That's my brother Daryl and my other brother Daryl  

And the end, just beating the rain. Great party. Thanks again to Tony and Connie for opening up their home and everyone who pitched in to make this a great Valley Vettes' success. Until we meet again