Pembroke cars gathering at the Irving for the first RON cruise since 2019  

Wild Thing gets out again  

Renewing some acquaintances after COVID  

Renewing some more acquaintances at the next meeting spot. Who picked the Beer Store in Barry's Bay? Not even open yet  

Grand Sport Collector Edition is a keeper  

Mac and Sherry would end up with a story to tell  

Barb and Bill join the band  

End of the line perspective. Never tire of a line of Corvettes  

Pit Stop in Maynooth after enjoying 523  

The infamous Arlington Hotel complete with the "Shot and Bottle Lounge". Wasn't purple in my day and if Lounges could talk.....  

Gathering in Wilberforce after Mac and Sherry's Friday the 13th flat. John and Kirk to the rescue to save a CAA call. The Arena across the street harbours another coming of age story for another day....  

Next stop Quaker Oaks, AKA Betty Boop's, on 45 west of Kinmount  

Luckily room to pull over as the parking lot is limited  

Betty Boop. Excellent pastries, olives, sandwiches, etc  

Mac and Bill admiring Betty's obvious assets  

Friday the 13th incident #2. Yes that is a black squirrel tail, attached to said black squirrel, in Wild Thing's maw. The legend of the "Great White Squirrel Hunter is born"  

David, remember, after Vegas Shirley said no more two wheel adventures  

Lunch stop at the Tailwinds restaurant at the Orillia airport. Awesome setting, awesome food. I have flown over this a kazillion times in my other life, first opportunity to enjoy  

A replica of the "Red Baron's" Fokker F1 Triplane. They are smaller than you would think  

An actual Sopwith Camel that could be returned to flying condition. Type of aircraft flown by Canadian Ace, Roy Brown, currently credited with downing the Red Baron  

Orillia flight line  

For the non-pilots amongst us, tailwinds-good for cruising, not so good for landing. If you learned nothing on this cruise, remember this  

Arrival at the hotel (which shall remain nameless) in Orillia  

Checking in, eventually. I think that we can safely refer to the check in as Friday the 13th incident #3  

Orillia waterfront. Comment, not too parking friendly for non residents until after 1900  

Rick, Nancy and Sparky, Orillia waterfront walkabout  

Luckily no rain on this trip. Due to COVID, this was our daily debriefing, solve all the world's problems, what happens on a road trip stays on a road trip, setup  

The Wild Thing's maw after the Great White Squirrel Hunter, "AKA Squirrely" couldn't take the suspense anymore and went hunting for his trophy after removing the grill.  

Some HP's and Cubic Inches at rest  

Rick and Nancy's Z06  

Pud and Sparky's Z06  

John and Margo's Grand Sport Collector's Edition  

David and Shirley's C8 HTC, 3LT, Z51, 5VM  

Now gathering for a Wasaga Beach cruise past  

Tony's son-in-law Peter joins us with his immaculate 2007 C6, Z06 in Atomic Orange (one of the nicest examples that I have seen), to lead us around Wasaga Beach  

Tony's C7 Z06. Ceramic Grey Matrix really pops in the sun  

A C3 guest arrives  

Now down at the Wasaga Beach, parked at the LCBO parking lot. Am I detecting a theme....  

Wasaga Beach. The right hand side of the picture is the old Beach Road, now covered under trucked in sand to "extend" the beach width due to current high water  

Everyone agreed, the beach was "COVID" quiet  

End of the line, looking fine at Wasaga, led by Peter  

David photo op, downtown Collingwood  

Still cannot find the story behind this Collingwood cow statue. There must be one otherwise every town would have one, right?  

The Huronic for Collingwood boat charters  

Adjusting the sails, little too high for me  

Now at the Lora Bay Golf Club, Thornbury, for lunch. Great spot for food and scenery  

The cars do fit in at a higher end golf club. We do look like we can afford the green fees  

Lunch on the Terrace  

Tony presents "Squirrel Hunter" with "Squirrely", Wild Thing's new mascot  

"Squirrel Hunter" cannot believe his trophy has finally shown his beady little eyes  

Just where we like you David  

"Squirrely" assumes his new position of honour with the Squirrel Hunter and his maiden looking on  

Are we having fun with this Squirrel incident or what? I have to admit that Squirrel Hunter has maintained his sense of humour throughout. I believe that Squirrely's eyes are about the same size as the squirrel's when his a**e contacted Wild Thing's maw  

The new Valley Vettes COVID supper time restaurant, yeah Foodland. Are we a high falutin' Vette club or what? For RON stays we now need to include Foodland along with breweries, car washes as being adjacent to the hotel  

Mac brown baggin' it to the COVID restaurant. Wonder what tender morsels he has selected for Sherry's fine dining this evening?  

Final lunch stop at the Ash Grove Inn, with Bill and Barb leading from Tory Hill, FL virgins no longer and sans radio no less  

Ash Grove Inn lunch view. Couldn't ask for a nicer ending  

If you cannot see it the waste disposal truck says it all, "Performance Surpassing Expectations" parked in the foreground. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried  

The end. 939.2 kms, @ 10.7 kms/100L, and 66 kph average says it all. Good to get an RON under the belt with the band + one back together. NTF: Just don't start the trip on FRIDAY THE 13TH. Three additional pics follow  

Additional Photos. Wilberforce regroup after the flat from hell  

Group wave from Wasaga Beach  

Now this is really the tail-end complete with squirrel paw