Sparky and Pud enroute to the Irving Big Stop for first RV. Happiness appears to be a Corvette cruise  

Gathering at the Irving Big Stop and saying hello to folks you haven't seen in awhile  

Finally Wild Thing gets some well deserved exercise, leaving Thorrr parked  

Kirk's saying, "For God's sake Dave, get a haircut"  

Kelly's Corner and meeting up with the rest of the gang, now 10 cars strong and lots of honks and thumbs up from passers by. Good to be back  

Kevin Oattes finally gets to join us with his C6 in eye catching Velocity Yellow, with matching brake calipers  

Wayne and Betty get a chance to join up with their C3  

And along came Mary, with the long haired Dave and their C7. Almost sounds like a song....  

David and Shirley with the only C8 today  

Charlie's C6 looking fine  

Pud and Sparky's C7 Z06  

Bill and Heather's C4 and that pesky Heather ambushed Pudly with a hug at his wife's begging. Oh well it was due I guess, right Sherry?  

Dave visiting with Ron and Sharon's previous C5  

Jeff with a thumb's up. Is it due to the possibility of a C8 joining the expectant family??  

Lynda wanting to get a picture of Pudly getting hugged by Heather, not happening  

Tooeys Lake rest stop. Probably never seen that many vettes in the parking lot. Still talking about the many unnecessary three point turns on the Fourth chute road. Didn't think that would bear mentioning, Kirk?  

Some colours just seem to pop  

David explaining the merits of the C7 Z06 stage III ground effects package. Who knows, that passerby car fan may become the next Corvette owner  

Met at the Bent Anchor for parking assistance by helpful staff  

Bill and Barb were able to join us for grub and socializing at the Bent Anchor  

If you haven't been there, you owe yourself a treat with a visit to the Bent Anchor in Combermere. Excellent staff, setting, food and service. Thanks much. We'll be back  

And we bid the Bent Anchor adieu, making plans for the next outing. For those who couldn't make it, until next time....