Gathering at the Petawawa Civic Centre prior to the memorial cruise past  

Charlie's C6 looking fine after the ceramic treatment  

Tony was there with the Ceramic Matrix Z06  

Stevie's C3 sans Leah (heard she was still in her jammies)  

Gilles' Danis with his 2020 C8, yeah  

Probably at least one hundred cars showed up  

David and Shirley's C8 next to Pud and Sparky's C7 Z06, all Corvettes are red aren't they?  

Kirk and Lynda's Thorrr in front of Dave and Mary's C7 in Dacre  

I know, the orange one again. Sorry  

I believe the high wing is a must have  

I also believe that the 5VM ground effects is a must have  

I never tire of looking at John and Margo's C7 Grand Sport Collector's Edition with that in your face tension blue interior  

John has been busy in the engine bay with RPI carbon fibre dressup  

Did you say new shoes? And no one noticed.  

Kirk chose to park us at the old folks home in Barry's Bay. Is he trying to tell us something?  

You still won't see two C8's side by side everyday with coupe and HTC at that  

At the Ashgrove Inn for a patio lunch, the first one for all of us during you know what  

Talking was non stop at four to a table, go figure  

I know, orange again  

Red still could be it  

We all wished Shirley a happy birthday, the Jack Benny club again