The C8 fun begins with the frunk  

Cutaway of the C8 LT2  

Zeus Bronze. Different  

C7 backside shot that you don't see too often  

Gotta love C7 ZR1's in the wild  

Chip's featured cars follow  

Group of folks from Spring Mountain  

The car's name is Shadow  

The Rapid Blue is starting to grow on me  

Red always looks good however  

There's that Rapid Blue again. Someone liked it  

The C4 Corvette Challenge cars  

The Kerbeck girls  

Wild Thing at rest looking fine  

John, Rick and Kirk's contributions to the vettes of Carlisle 2019  

Johnny looking relaxed. How can you not have a thumbs up for Corvettes at Carlisle?  

How much gas did you use?  

Have you seen Kirk?  

Methinks the smile says it all  

David had a free set of hands for these shots  

Working at the car wash song  

Red Roof Inn, Harrisburg PA, cleanup in aisle 6  

Gimme some of that 93  

Methinks David's car might just be Torch Red with Natural Dipped interior  

I think that there is a smile  

The end