Only those who have gone there know how very rare it is to arrange for parking on the main parade square at RMC, even for a large group of Corvettes. Thanks for the privilege John  

Vettes on the RMC parade square  

The Commandant of RMC, Brigadier General Bouchard greets the Corvette "troops"  

The C8 Canadian Reveal being held at the Senior Staff Mess at RMC Kingston. Scott Bell, Vice President GM Canada Marketing, Sales and Services (Left), Travis Hester President and Managing Director GM Canada (Right)  

Travis has had the currently distinctive privilege of having driven the new C8. We understand that Kirk was maybe a little envious and certainly had more than his fair share of questions  

John and Heather's thanks for Valley Vettes' participation in the first Kingston Corvette Invasion, 2018. John Price of Eastern Ontario Corvette says just wait for Kingston Corvette Invasion II, 19/20 Jun 2020. I'll be there. John in his new C8 perhaps??