Pembroke and area folks gathering at the Irving Big Stop. Clayton is along for the show with his awesome Limited Edition Subaru BRZ TS (only 500 units worldwide)  

Tony Romanelli and his co-driver for the day, Connie, joined us with his 2018 Z06 Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic. This is one crazy colour in the sun or shade  

Pitstop in Calabogie  

Tony's Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic, pictures have a tough time capturing the bluish tinge in the sun  

Clayton's is one sharp looking Subaru  

Gathering in Perth prior to the show. Bill and Joanne appear to be discussing the new C8  

Bill with Barb and Joanne  

The Blasko's GSCE next to Wild Thing and Charlie's C5 convertible. I think Kirk went shopping  

At the Last Duel Park, gathered next to a nice big shade tree. Did I say that it was HOT!!  

My bad. This is my only picture of Mac, second from the left (yellow shirt), after all his and Sherry's VIP treatment of the club as Ribfest volunteer's. I even forgot to get a picture of their silver C7, ooops and much thanks  

Now time to discuss the new C8  

CCC's contingent  

Still with CCC vettes  

Pretty rare Canadian GT500 KR presented extremely well  

A great turn out of Model A's  

There was indeed something for everyone  

A couple of C10's. It appears that one truck is all "horned up" about something, maybe the next door blacked out Buick Regal?  

Really nice blacked out Buick Regal  

Sometimes it must be really fun times at the Blasko's, Johnny's new cape perhaps?  

The end of one hot dusty but otherwise great day at the Ashton Brew Pub, early supper then home