Lunch stop at Montana's in Woodstock  

Kirk cat herding in Woodstock  

At rest at the Quality Inn and Suites in Windsor  

A relaxing (Not) game of Jenga at the hotel in Windsor  

Supper at the Manchester in Windsor after a long dusty day  

Pudly's smoked sliders pulled pork, pork bellies and brisket  

Windsor waterfront the day before the car show. GM HQ in the background  

Ceasar's in Windsor. Kirk did win $11. Joanne lost $20 just as quickly  

At the Sandbar restaurant in Belle River. Excellent perch tacos  

A toast at supper at the Bull and Barrel to new Australian friends Craig and Debbie  

At the 45th Windsor Corvette Club Waterfront Show  

I Kandi's Z06  

Our first C7 ZR1 in the wild visiting from Detroit. The green colour is a wrap on a black ZR1  

You don't see too many of these 2008 Indy 500 Pace Car Replicas  

Really nice Grand Sport  

Sharp looking Z06 roadster  

Awesome C3  

A second 78 Indy 500 pace car  

I know, back to the C7 ZR1  

Highly modded C5 Z06, all paint, no decals  

Oh yeah, 2009 Jetstream Blue ZR1. One of my alltime favourites  

Supercharged Grand Sport  

You don't see too many of these Black Rose Metallic C7s  

Hopefully he will still be able to drive a Corvette 30 yrs from now  

They were a hard pair to corral for a picture. Start them young  

Last night at the Bull and Barrel. Someone has a new friend  

At the visitor centre at Point Pelee National Park. The rain was ordered special  

Venturing over to the marsh at Point Pelee was the signal to rain harder  

Not sure what they were thinking when they went for the boardwalk, it just rained harder  

Great perch fillets at the Bayside in Erieau  

These folks make Dead Elephant at the Railway City Brewery in St Thomas. This beer is named after Jumbo the elephant who was killed in a railway accident in the late 1800s in St Thomas  

Now in Simcoe  

Quite a number of Picard's in Southern Ontario. Excellent nuts  

Mural downtown Port Dover  

Port Dover waterfront  

Monument for the lost Port Dover commercial fishermen  

Port Dover lighthouse  

The Arbor, an over 100 yr old Port Dover landmark  

Parked on the main drag, Hwy 6 in Port Dover  

Friday the 13th in Port Dover, how it all began in 1981  

The Canalside in Port Colborne for lunch  

Lift bridge over the Welland Canal in Port Colborne  

A loom at the Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum  

The 1901 Neff Steam buggy at the Port Colborne museum  

Johnny doing his laundry in Fort Erie  

Time for the post drive after action discussions  

Laundry's done  

War memorial in Fort Erie, Peace Bridge to Buffalo in the background  

Mather Arch Fort Erie  

Parked at Niagara Falls after a great morning ride along the Niagara Falls Parkway  

American Falls  

Horseshoe Falls  

Rainbow Bridge  

How do you say, "No Thanks"?  

Parked at Peller Estates winery  

So much wine and so little time...  

Now at Niagara-on-the-Lake, fighting with the parking meter machine  

Niagara-on-the-Lake Golf Club for lunch, the oldest operating golf club in North America  

Old Fort Niagara on the opposite NY side of the Niagara River  

Downtown Niagara-on-the-Lake  

Now visiting the Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa  

The Ladybird Rolls Royce, owned by the Eaton family  

1902 Orient wooden car, light and relatively fast  


1921 Kissel. Two passenger car with 2 pull out seats over the wheels on the sides. Not my idea of fun in the bug season  

Bugatti Type 37  

1908 Tudhope-McIntyre produced in Orillia  

1912 McLaughlin  

1918 Chevrolet snowmobile  

Steam driven  

1926 Willys  

A Corvair  


Did we mention the torrential downpour on the 401 Oshawa to Belleville. Welcome to Pud's Lake at the hotel  

Prince Edward County wine tour. Parked at the Sandbanks winery.  

Downtown Bloomfield in Prince Edward County  

View from Lake on the Mountain  

Parked for lunch at Lake on the Mountain  

This AMC Pacer was admired by Kirk, Wildthing's distant cousin perhaps??  

Our 2019 Ontario spring, the fireplace was welcome  

Final lunch at Lake on the Mountain  

Z06 final trip screenshot. The 10.9L/100km (26.2 imp mpg) was for the entire trip, highway/city/idling etc. $301.25 of premium gas. Mac returned 7.9L/100km (34.7 mpg) with their Stingray. Not too shabby.  

Some additional miscellaneous shots  

Don't play Jenga on an uneven picnic table, can cause issues  

All of the gang at Peller Estates