The racers arrive at Top Karting in Gatineau  

The Cadillac is in our group. Waiting to order their C8  

The track  

Is there a budding Ayrton Senna in the midst?  

Is Sparky working in a sterile silicon chip factory or getting ready to don her helmet?  

They save your bacon but not your pride  

Pudly dreaming of the concurrently running 2019 Indy 500 and wondering what if...  

Heather already having a blast as per usual and hasn't even got on the track yet  

I really think that Lynda is pondering taking Kirk out at the first opportunity  

Pudly at speed, all 35 mph of it, however it sure seems like more  

Heat two waiting to be called forward for their assigned pole positions  

Heat 2 leader board. Someone brought a family member/ringer named Clayton Filsinger  

Now at the Wakefield Mill Inn for brunch  

Wakefield Mill Inn is certainly picturesque. The food is excellent also  

The newly minted racers celebrating the fact that David did survive Top Karting and was able to celebrate another birthday. Jack Benny club if you know what I mean  

Parked at Wakefield. Water was still very high after the spring flooding  

If you haven't tried Top Karting it really is a blast. Even a Z06 drives differently after that. THE END or was it the beginning....