Not funny David.  

Chillin' after the "snow" drive to Lake George  

Still chillin'. Not a fun drive for the vettes. Jeep and Escalade no problem.  

Celebrating John's birthday Lake George  

Cheers to birthday John  

The Birthday cake  

Another birthday cheers  

This one was for keeping the shiny side up and the rubber side down  

Breakfast Lake George the next day. No cheers. Big surprise  

DILLIGAF in Lake George. If you have to ask......  

Main drag Lake George the next day, no rain however weather not done with us yet  

Kirk says, "are they snow clouds Pud". Pud replies, "I told you so"  

No one would believe the "weather Pud"  

5 inches of the white stuff for Lake Placid  

Nice camouflage Kirk. Some folks missed the oncoming white Ferrari. Wonder why?  

Was it funny Margo?