Petawawa/Pembroke folks meet at Irving  

Gathering at Rick and Nancy's prior to the track run and carshow  

Just because of the red and blue (Scion) contrast  

A Radical (brand name) SR3 RS track car trick, neat and fast  

A Maclaren ready to drive where it was meant to  

Slick, clean, Camaro  

Vintage Jaguar on display  

Aston Martin-waiting for the track?  

Immaculate NSX waiting for its track slot  

A Mustang club filled up their twenty slots for one track session  

Valley Vette cars waiting in line for their time slot for laps  

An old high school buddy of Kirk's waiting in line with his S2000. Haven't seen each other for years. Like to be a fly on the fender listening to that conversation  

Line up waiting for track slot time. Valley Vette's far right  

A Maclaren at speed on the East Track  

Maclaren again  

A Tesla fueling up  

Nicely modified Z06 with Caravaggio interior  

IT's the Maclaren. What can I say  

A really nice Porsche GTS  

Some Subaru BRZ's lined up for track action. Valley Vettes in the background  

Valley Vette's staging to the track behind the pace car instructor  

Kirk, David and Rick on corner one West Track  

Rick, John and Bruce on corner one West Track  

David, Rick, John and Bruce on corner one West Track  

David exiting with a grin I believe  

John probably wishing it wasn't over  

Rick showing that the thirty minutes of instruction was well worth it  

Bruce with a V for victory. He must have won something?  

Kirk did have a left over grin from a couple of laps  

Nice C5 and it's my favourite colour and apparently everyone else's  

Little track grime on this puppy. Came fully equipped with private bus and trailer  

His other Porsche, guess the street one  

Jeff DeJong's car. Cousin of Leah's. He ended up being Rick's instructor  

Are you sure that Leah doesn't enjoy vettin'?  

Brakes etc cooling down  

The chance to drive again, now with the roof removed. Apparently passes the fun factor  

Now the stories start for some  

In front of Rick and Nancy's for the BBQ  

BBQ time and story swapping  

The stories begin again at Rick and Nancy's. WELL SET UP for a BBQ. The Valley Vette standard might have been raised a notch again?  

I hear that Kirk volunteered to cut the grass next time. NOT  

Lined up in front at rest whilst the owners trade track memories in the back. Wonder if the cars talk afterwards?  

Shhh...Did I hear a whisper?  

Definitely heard the white cars giving one red car the gears for not tracking. Someone had to get pictures is all I can say  

I don't think that we had enough food. AGAIN NOT  

Food, stories, friendship pause again, signal checkered flag