Gathering in Balderson enroute  

Petawawa/Pembroke gang gathering for departure for Perth  

Cheese factory in Balderson enroute  

Gathering in Perth and joining up with a few local Perth corvettes  

John will do anything to get in the picture with Wild Thing and Red  

Visiting some Perth corvette enthusiasts  

Another shot of Bill and Heather's new C4. Bit more comfortable than their C3, or so says Heather  

Enjoying a visit with the Perth locals prior to the show  

Corvettes all lined up from our club, Perth corvettes and Capital Corvette  

Vettes from Valley Vettes and Capital Corvette Club  

Lots of vettes courtesy of Valley Vettes and the Capital Corvette Club.  

Live music, ribs, chicken and adult beverages  

V12 Jaguar  

Two by V12 Jaguars  

Another V12 Jaguar  

Even had a Rolls Royce  

Beautiful Chrysler Town and Country  

Gorgeous 57 Chevy coupe  

Charlie showing off the bling  

The gang in the shade provided by David  

Joanne taking a turn at the wheel. Loves Sport setting much better than Tour on the Z06  

Last stop for a few at Whitewater Brewery for supper on the way home  

Petawawa/Pembroke gang for a final dine at the Whitewater brewery prior to the final leg home  

Whitewater Brewery for supper  

The wave from the Whitewater brewery for the final leg home