Photo op in front of the Shediac Lobster  

Fuel stop photo op in Drummondville QC.  

At rest for the evening in Riviere Du Loup QC.  

The gang at Riviere Du Loup  

Shirley in a natural and artificial light show at Riviere Du Loup  

Photo op refuelling in New Brunswick  

New Brunswick refuelling stop  

Some formation in New Brunswick  

Lunch stop in New Brunswick  

Gotta start um young.  

Join up with Greater Moncton Corvette Club  

Mix of Greater Moncton cars and Valley Vette cars  

Greater Moncton Corvette Club 2014 Premiere edition Stingray in Limerock Green  

More Moncton club cars  

Photo op with the Greater Moncton Corvette Club  

Cars from the Greater Moncton Corvette Club  

More Greater Moncton Corvette Club cars  

David had a deja vu moment with a Moncton club car  

With the Moncton Club at the Shediac Lobster park  

Shediac Lobster photo op with the Moncton Club guiding.  

The gang on the Shediac Lobster  

Magnetic Hill NB. Keep an eye on that rearview camera  

Covered bridge at the Magnetic Hill NB  

The group recharging at the Shediac hotel  

At the Lobster pound near Shediac for a seafood feast, mostly lobster, clams and crabs.  

Shediac feast, the whole seafood shebang for John and Margo  

Pudly showing how it is done in Shediac  

Awesome visit at the home of The New Brunswick Picker and Collector outside of Shediac NB  

This place is simply awesome, New Brunswick Picker and Collector. Thanks Michel  

For a sunset shot at the Shediac wharf  

Sunset on the Z06 at the Shediac wharf  

Kirk and some Malpeque oysters on the half shell  

Famous Cows Ice Cream at the Charlottetown wharf  

Doesn't really need a caption I suppose  

Photo op parked at the Charlottetown wharf  

Comfy on the ferry  

Really comfy now  

Ferry voyage on the Caribou/Wood Islands ferry  

The ferry crew  

Hector Quay in Pictou NS. The Hector brought over the first Scots to NS  

Arhh Billy, er I mean Pudly on the deck of the Hector. Where's me pipes?  

The new crew of the Hector  

Photo op at the Hector Quay  

Nova Scotia Corvette Club C6  

Fortress Louisbourg in the fog, what a surprise  

Fortress Louisbourg NS  

Traditional lunch at Fortress Louisbourg  

Fortress Louisbourg inside the Governor's quarters  

Merchant Marine commemoration statue in Sydney NS  

The Sydney Fiddle  

Fog on the Cabot Trail. What's up with that!!!  

Photo op at Black Brook, Cabot Trail. Pudly revisits after 40 years  

Still at Black Brook  

Black Brook photo op  

Cabot Trail, north west coast of Cape Breton  

Cabot Trail Cape Breton, moving out  

Photo op Cabot Trail Cape Breton  

Photo op Cabot Golf course. At least the cars make it look like we can afford a round  

From the window in Port Hawksbury. What can I say, it's Red!! Number one so said the locals  

Photo op leaving Port Hawksbury  

Another admiring corvette enthusiast in Stellarton NS. That's all the story there is  

St Andrews, on Water St. Some cool fannies after a hot day in the corvette saddle  

St Andrews at high tide  

St Andrews at ebb tide, 19.7 ft drop later  

St Andrews ebb tide at supper  

Another seafood feast in St Andrews at ebb tide  

St Andrews evening sky as the tide recedes  

Tidal flat PUD tracks  

Tidal flat PUD shadow  

Looking out over Bar Harbour Bay  

Nearing Bar Harbour photo op. Don't know where the other cars are  

Meeting up with the Acadia Corvette Club in Bar Harbour ME  

Touring Bar Harbour. This boat delivers medical and religious services to the island residents  

Cadillac Mountain Bar Harbour photo op. Perfect day and you could see forever  

Breathtaking view on a gorgeous day, Cadillac Mt, ME  

The white Z06 in the rearview, where it belongs  

Nice rearview shot by David or Shirley  

The red car looks neat in the rearview but does not belong there folks  

Sunset in Bar Harbour ME  

Kirk's 2 lb Maine lobster  

Playing with "Lobby"  

Group photo op in North East Bar Harbour  

Nancy admiring an Acadia club car, a 2016 Laguna Blue Z06 Convertible. Any thoughts Rick?  

A nice Blue Victory with a nice RED Z06. Couldn't resist this photo op  

Lunch at Goodfellas outside St Johnsbury VT  

Saved the best for last. At least that's what most people said on the trip