Our three Valley Vette's Z06's all purchased from Butler  

Kirk and Reeves discussing thermodynamics. Had to be there.  

Stock Z06 Supercharger with two intercooler banks  

Callaway Z06 supercharger, larger and now with 3 intercooler banks  

2016 Z06 with the new tri colour stripe package  

2016 C7R Edition in Black  

Cutaway display from 65 New York Autorama  

Flashy and eye catching  

Did I say flashy and eyecatching?  

2016 C7R Edition in yellow  

2015 Z06 Convertible  

2015 C7R  

Beautiful 63 split window  

Gorgeous 78 Pace Car but not for sale Kirk  

IM Juice. Wins a lot of show and shines apparently  

2016 Callaway Z06, 757 hp anyone?  

Clean up in Harrisburg  

David taking a picture of me PDR'ing him