Our Vettes

Paul & Joanne Jefferies

Updated: Oct 07 23
 Created: Jul 10 15

This is Paul and Joanne Jefferies' BRAND NEW 2016 C7 Z06/2LZ.  Car was picked up 24 Aug 15. Purchased new from Charlie at Butler's GM.  We could only get the stage 1 Aero package due to ordering constraints. The car has the black wheels, competition seats, carbon fibre dash, hood stinger stripe, black mirrors, nav/PDR and new 8 speed auto. Next week an ACS Aero 3 package with diffusers will be installed in Montreal by Joseph Taverna at ACS. This picture now shows the new ACS Stage 3 package with diffusers. Installed 2 Sep 15. Just waiting now for the stage 3 wickerbill for the rear spoiler. Full stage 3 wickerbills (including clear centre one) now installed 17 Sep 15. Front of the car had XPEL ultimate installed 1 Sep 15 at Goldwing Autocare in Ottawa. Outstanding jobs at both installers. Awesome car! UPDATE: Car now has ZR1 wheels and from ACS Composite a ZR1 front splitter along with 5VM side rocker winglets installed at Kirk's. NTF: excuse the background RAM

Mac & Sherry Dewey

Updated: May 06 17
 Created: Jul 10 15

2016 Blade Silver Stingray Coupe/2LT

Love this car!!!

Fabulous ride, very manoeuvrable and definitely a head turner with more power than we need, but love.

We have considered the C7 since the release.  In our mind GM has addressed all the supposed deficiencies in previous series.  It is going  to take awhile to get up to speed on all the 2LT Tech stuff.

We believe the Blade Silver Metallic really shows off the black vents and ports.

We will definitely enjoy the drive.  

Rick & Mary Norman

Updated: Jul 31 15
 Created: Jul 13 15

This 2005 Corvette is stock with 400 HP and a automatic transmission.  The only modifications are ZR1 style wheels and decals. Both Mary and I drive it regularly.  The acquisition started with Don Goulet serving tea at the church supper.  He mentioned that he had just bought a new Corvette.  I replied dammit that's my dream.  Mary replied you can buy one if you put it in my name.  "DEAL".  Twenty four hours later we were the owners of this car.

David and Shirley Timleck

Updated: Aug 25 23
 Created: Jul 14 15

New 2023 C8 now here. More to follow.




Kirk & Lynda Dobbs

Updated: Jul 31 15
 Created: Jul 29 15

Photo by G. Aragona

This is "Wild Thing".  It is a modified/customized 2007 Z06, originally Velocity Yellow.  The stock 505 HP LS7 was modified by CRD Engine Development (Concord, NC) and when they were done with this naturally aspirated powerplant and threw it on the dyno, it made 703 HP.  Other performance mods include a DeWitts rad, MAMBA carbon fibre cold air intake, Kooks long tube stepped headers, high flow catalytic converters and a Corsa Extreme catback exhaust.  All performance mods were orchestrated by Justin Abbott (VP at Zip Products in Mechanicsville, VA) who also performed the chassis dyno tuning.  It makes 610 HP at the pavement.  It is shod with Nitto Invo tires (285/30 ZR19 Front, 345/25 ZR20 Rear) wrapped around Forgeline SS3P chrome wheels.

Body mods include a MCM waterfall carbon fibre hood, a billet grille, a Ron Fellows Edition rear spoiler, a targa top conversion and interior makeover both by Caravaggio Corvettes (Concord, ON).  The body has been lowered.  The unique "UNSUBTLE" paint job was done by the brilliant artists at Voodoo Airbrushing (Pickering, ON).

This car is so much fun to drive, it remains my favourite!

Kirk & Lynda Dobbs

Updated: Aug 11 15
 Created: Jul 29 15

Photo by Andy Bolig, Amos Publishing

This is our 2009 ZR1.  Although I swore that I wouldn't modify this one for the first year at least, that didn't happen.  It just sounded too tame for a 638 HP car!  Within 6 months of taking delivery, which was in January 2009, it was down to Zip Products for Justin Abbott to have his way with it.  He installed Kooks stepped headers, a Lingenfelter supercharger snout and smaller drive pulley to up the boost and then performed his dyno tuning magic.  After that transformation, the ZR1 had a whole different personality...it now sounds nasty like it should, like it is.  It makes 610 HP at the tires and is a hoot to drive!

Rick & Nancy Armishaw

Updated: Aug 08 17
 Created: Jul 30 15

This is our second C7, a 2017 Long Beach Red Z06/2LZ with the stage two ground effects. It has the Competition seats in grey leather, 8 speed automatic, Navigation/PDR, carbon fibre dash and red seat belts, purchased new from one of our sponsors, Butler Chevrolet. Another bump up the horsepower chain is truly an awesome experience. 

John & Margo Blasko

Updated: Mar 30 18
 Created: Aug 11 15

We first saw the 2017 Grand Sport Collector Edition when we attended Corvettes at Carlisle in August 2016. GM released in early 2017 that of the 1000 to be built, 850 cars would be designated for US distribution and that no more than 50 would be destined for Canada.  Turns out that only a total of 935 were built.

We knew it would be a long shot to get one, but after an intensive web search and communications with various dealerships, we found what we were looking for at Paille Chevrolet Buick GMC in Berthierville, Quebec, the home of the famous Canadian race car driver, Gilles Villeneuve.

Our 2017 Grand Sport Collector Edition is definitely a head turner, with the Watkins Glen Grey exterior and Tension Blue Grand Sport hash marks and interior accents. Our car is Number 733, Automatic 3LT with the Z07 package including Competition seats and the Visible Carbon Fiber Ground Effects, Rear Spoiler and Roof Panel.

We are thoroughly enjoying our second Corvette and looking forward to many more road trips.

Owning a Corvette – it's not a lifestyle, it's an adventure!!


Don & Janet Goulet

Updated: Aug 15 15
 Created: Aug 15 15

Back in 2007, I went to Pembroke to look for a new “chaise lounge” for the sun deck at our house.  Stopped in to Butler Chev Olds in Pembroke just to see if they had a C5 Corvette (that was what I was interested in at that time).  No, they didn’t have a C5, but had a C6 in stock.  Why not take it down to Renfrew to show Janet, (who had stayed home that day).  Well, I drive up in a C6, Velocity Yellow Corvette!!  Yes, did eventually buy a chaise lounge, but the Big purchase that day was the C6.  With a 6 litre (400 hp) engine, and paddle shifters on the steering wheel, this car runs like the wind! Cashmere & ebony leather interior, with Sirius XM radio and Onstar complete the options on this Vette.  We have put on over 60,000 km on this vehicle since purchasing.  We enjoy our usual trips to Milton, Ontario to see two of our three grandkids, but the best was the run to Carlisle, PA  for Corvettes at Carlisle, the best Corvette car show in the world. We were there for the unveiling of the C7 Corvettes.

Charlie Butt

Updated: Aug 23 23
 Created: Aug 26 15

Shot in Petawawa, Ottawa River and Laurentian Mountains in background

2014 C7 Convertible, Blade Silver, blue top, red interior, Z51. Just purchased, Aug 2023  Write-up to follow.

 The enjoyment of driving my Vette never dwindles.

Earle & Linda Brydges

Updated: Oct 13 15
 Created: Oct 13 15

This is our 2007 C6 Corvette Coupe that we purchased in the spring of 2013 from Myers Motors in Ottawa.  It is Atomic Orange and has an optional transparent targa top.  Its 6.0 L (LS2) engine makes an ample 400 HP and 400 LB-FT of torque.  It delivers this power to the road through an automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

We take it out on nice days and enjoy touring with our Valley Vettes friends.

Stevie and Leah Teschner

Updated: Jun 03 24
 Created: Oct 21 15

2021 C8 Stingray, HTC. Writeup to follow

Bill and Heather Krueger

Updated: Jul 25 16
 Created: Jul 25 16

1993 C4, 40th Anniversary Convertible 

David Parker and Mary Jackson

Updated: Apr 29 19
 Created: Jul 25 16

2017 C7 Grand Sport. Write-up to follow. 

Wayne and Betty Heubner 1973 C3 Stingray T-bar Coupe with 454

Updated: Jul 25 16
 Created: Jul 25 16

Here is Wayne and Betty Heubner's 1973 C3 Stingray T-bar coupe with 454 on display at Merrickville 2016 

Bruce and Janet Oattes 1999 C5 Coupe

Updated: Jul 25 16
 Created: Jul 25 16

Bruce and Janet Oattes' slightly modified C5 Hardtop Coupe

Jeff and Nancy Filsinger 2019 C7 Grand Sport, 3LT

Updated: May 15 22
 Created: May 14 17

2019 Grand Sport 3LT 

While waiting for our 2022 Stingray order to be sent to the factory, it was becoming more apparent to us, that our order would not be selected and the more we thought about it, 2023 didn’t look too promising either. We decided to go back to search for a late edition C7 and found this Grey Ghost in Milton Ont, which so happens to be the same place where I found Charlize in 2012.

Finished in Shadow Grey Metallic paint with suede interior, this 2019 GS is exactly what we were searching for over the last several years. We are very happy with the car and now look forward, (now that we have A/C, cruise control and not stopping at every second gas station), to the ability to participate in more club functions.

Jeff and Nancy Filsinger 1976 C3

Updated: May 15 22
 Created: May 14 17

I purchased this beautiful 1976 Corvette Stingray, named "Charlize" as a "retirement" gift to myself. After 6 years I finally found the time, money and "LOCATION" to complete an interior restoration. Many thanks to Kirk for allowing me to use the space for over 5 months in order to have her back on the road for the 2018 season.

Tommy and Shannon Dunfield

Updated: Sep 11 17
 Created: Jul 17 17

2014 Night Race Blue, C7 Stingray Convertible

My Corvette love affair started in the early ‘70s when my brother bought a 1964 Stingray Coupe, which he occasionally loaned to me.  It had a 327 cu. in. engine with a 2-speed automatic trans, & would do 100 mph in first gear! It was a great looking car which I had somewhat forgotten until that fateful Fall day in 2013 when I walked into Butler’s Chevrolet to buy some winter tires & rims for my wife’s car.  There, parked in the showroom, was a gorgeous, white 2014 C7 Stingray Coupe & I knew I needed to have one! Once I convinced my wife Shannon of this need, she was very understanding :), I was able to find a dealer (Budds’ Chevrolet in Oakville) that had an available GM allocation & I ordered my Corvette.  The car was built in April 2014 & I picked it up in May of that year. Since then the Corvette has had many enjoyable runs throughout Ontario & Quebec, & even an week long excursion into Maine & New Brunswick. Shannon & I continue to enjoy the car & look forward to some cruises with the club.

Updated: May 12 22
 Created: May 12 22

Judy and Bob Lambe

Updated: Aug 09 17
 Created: Aug 09 17

1998 C5, Convertible

Member's picture and write-up to follow

Updated: Oct 20 21
 Created: Jul 09 18

Bill and Barb Jamieson

Updated: Jan 21 23
 Created: Jul 12 18

2003 C5 Convertible

Triumph motorcycles, early Mustangs, Harley Davidson's and Corvettes - a natural progression in life.

At age 14 I sat in my uncles new 1957 triple black corvette convertible and vowed to own 1 or 3 of them.

In 1967 we purchased a 1960 convertible, a nice 327, 4 speed. #2 was also a solid axle buckboard (as my dear wife called it) purchased in 1986 - a 1961 convertible with matching hardtop. California all original car including the jewel blue paint.

Barbara loved the 61 jewel but, did not enjoy driving it. No air, no power things and very stiff seats and suspension. Advance the clock to 2018 and all problems solved by purchasing a new to us 2003 Torch Red with tan roof and interior corvette convertible from Wright Motors in Perth, ON.

This slick looking C5 Vette is living up to expectations of a stable easy, fun, exciting ride coupled with low maintenance cost of a 5.7 litre, 350hp, V8 matched to a 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission all the while blowing nice cold air  (unlike previous '67 mustang convertible). Only problem with the 2003 is deciding who gets relegated to the passenger seat.

We are looking forward to sharing the fun of being part of the Valley Vettes. Special thanks to Rick and Mary Norman and Mac and Sherry Dewey for the recommendation.


Tony Romanelli

Updated: Aug 25 23
 Created: Sep 24 19

2018 C7 Z06/2LZ

The car was purchased new from Butler's Chev. It has been a blast to own and operate. The Ceramic Matrix Gray Metallic sure changes colour from sun to shade.

Luciano Romanelli

Updated: Sep 24 19
 Created: Sep 24 19

2011 C6 Grand Sport

Kevin and Kim Oattes

Updated: Nov 23 19
 Created: Nov 23 19

Kevin and Kim Oattes 2012 Grand Sport 3LT. Write up to follow.

Updated: Oct 26 21
 Created: Apr 01 21

D'Arcy Milroy

Updated: Aug 08 21
 Created: Aug 05 21

D'Arcy Milroy's 2021 C8, Coupe, 3LT, Z51. More to follow.

Collin Petersen

Updated: Aug 16 21
 Created: Aug 16 21

2004 C5 Convertible Z51

I bought my first Corvette in 1981 when I was 18 years old. It was a Yellow 1976, and was hooked, and since then I have owned 8+ different c3's and c4's. I currently own this 2004 Z51 Convertible, and just love it and 40+ years later I still look for, and use any reason to take my vette out for a drive. Like the saying goes, "If you've never owned and drove a Corvette, you just don't understand"

Robert Ferguson

Updated: Jan 21 23
 Created: Aug 17 21

Robert's C4 Coupe. This is my third corvette. The first one was a 73. The second one was an 86 and now this one, my 88 love. I have made it my own with an after market instrument cluster, something which looks great and I installed 355 gears in it, new after market seats and finally Collin and l did a back yard paint job. That ended up looking pretty good considering where we did it. 

Gilles Danis

Updated: Feb 12 24
 Created: Nov 09 21

 The new 2024 Black on Red Z06 coupe from Taylor Chev. Getting hard to keep up.

James Robson 1964 C2 Coupe

Updated: Mar 27 23
 Created: May 28 22

James Robson 1964 write-up and picture to fol

Tim and Sophie Schalin

Updated: Aug 23 23
 Created: Jan 21 23

2023 Rapid Blue C8 Coupe with Z51, with his 2019 C7 trade-in in the background. Pictures and write-up to follow

Randy Lippert

Updated: May 29 23
 Created: May 29 23

1998 C5 Coupe, 6 speed

John Dargus' C6 Convertible

Updated: Jul 24 23
 Created: Jul 24 23

Johnny returns to the club with a new C6 convertible. Full write-up to follow.

Paul Saunders aka Jack Raccoon

Updated: Aug 25 23
 Created: Aug 25 23

This is Hamilton ON resident "Jack Raccoon's" first Corvette a 2020 Long Beach Red 1LT poverty build purchased new 26 August 2020. Much to everyone's disgust it is a true "daily driver", four seasons, currently just shy of 50,000kms. Options include side mirror caps and rear seat delete. Wheels are MRR 755's, snow tires, Michelin Pilot Alpin, noise provided by 2MFabrication Headers and High Flow Cats. My wife hates it.......

Dan and Harlene Yeas

Updated: Aug 29 23
 Created: Aug 29 23

This is our 2023 Corvette Stingray Hard Top Convertible with 3LT. Coincidently this classic beauty was purchased on National Corvette Day, 30 June 2023. This car is fierce and yet so luxurious. It has added so much more fun and excitement to our lives already! What is better than a Corvette, right?!