The Club

History & Club Focus

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·        History

Valley Vettes was formed in 2006 by a small group of committed Corvette enthusiasts from Pembroke and Petawawa; communities smack dab in the middle of the Upper Ottawa Valley, one of the most beautiful areas in Ontario. 

And while our population density is rather low, the density of Corvettes around here is quite high. It could be something in the air, the water, or maybe it’s the abundance of twisty, scenic roadways. Who knows? One thing is certain though; it’s not because of our lengthy driving season because our winters are just too damn long! 

Whatever the reason, the fact is there are a lot of Corvettes around here, and so it’s not surprising that a Corvette club would eventually emerge. We now have members from Petawawa in the west to Ottawa in the east, and points south to Combermere with expectations of expanding our region and our membership in the upcoming years.

A heartfelt thanks to my fellow founding members, and all who have joined since, making Valley Vettes the great Corvette enthusiast’s club it has become! I look forward to many more years of fellowship, memorable cruises, tech talks, and opportunities to break bread with friends.

I am enthusiastic about what the future holds for Valley Vettes and I encourage you to join us at one of our monthly dinner meetings or many club gatherings at events throughout the area if you are a Corvette enthusiast wanting to keep the wave alive.

Kirk Dobbs, President 

·        Who & What We Are

Members of Valley Vettes come from very diverse backgrounds, ages, occupations and interests but the one common thread is their passion for the best sports car ever made, the Corvette.  From the hard core enthusiast with more than one Corvette in their stable, to the newest members of the Corvette community, we cover the spectrum.

And although we are currently a small club of 30 members, our cars span six out of the seven generations of Corvette: from a 1964 Sting Ray to C7's from 2014, 16 and 17 including Z06's and Grand Sports. There are no member Vettes in the C1 years of 1953 – 1962 yet, but we’re working on it.

Our club focus is enjoying the pleasure of driving our Corvettes and the company of fellow enthusiasts. From leisurely day cruises in the local area to longer excursions to attend Corvette gathering throughout eastern and southern Ontario, the northern United States and eastern seaboard, to some spirited driving on our local track at the Calabogie Motorsports Park, we are all about giving our Corvettes the exercise they deserve; and while we love to exercise our cars a little hard sometimes, irresponsible driving is simply not tolerated.

We also like to augment the pure thrill of driving with other activities of interest to members which might include visiting a museum, a local charity car show or simply a trip to a nearby community for a day of shopping and checking out the restaurant scene. It doesn't take much to convince most of us to jump in the Corvettes and head out on a tour, usually leaving time in the day for conversation and a meal together: simple, casual, social!  In fact, the only thing were serious about is our Corvettes.  And, although it was the love of the Corvette that brought us together, it is the friendships that have resulted and the collective fun we share that keeps us  together. 


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·        Executive

Kirk Dobbs, President & Assistant Webmaster (kirk-lyn@hotmail.com)

Paul Jefferies, Vice President & Webmaster (pjplace@nrtco.net)

Joanne Jefferies, Membership/Treasurer (pjplace@nrtco.net)

Sherry & Mac Dewey, Events Directors (sherrydewey14@gmail.com)

David Timleck, Valley Vettes Store Manager & Assistant Webmaster (timleckd@gmail.com)


Social Gatherings

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·        Monthly Social Gatherings

Monthly social gatherings are held on the second Tuesday of the month. Cocktails between 6:00 & 6:30 pm, dinner at 7:00 pm.

February, April, June, August, October and December social gatherings are in Pembroke/Petawawa at Finnigan's Pembroke, Kelsey's Petawawa, Bistro 900 Pembroke, Finnigan's Pembroke, Kelsey's Petawawa respectively. Dec is usually the Christmas party in Pembroke area at personal residence.

January, March, May, July, September and November social gatherings are in Renfrew at Finnigan's Roadhouse, 302 Raglan St, Renfrew, ON

These social gatherings are very informal, with the intent to just get members together and possibly discuss past or upcoming events over dinner.  Guests and past members are always welcome.  


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